Animal welfare

Animal welfare: our trademark

According to the concept of "Five Freedoms" launched by the English Professor Roger Brambell in 1965, all livestock have 5 inalienable rights: freedom from hunger and thirst, appropriate shelter, freedom from pain, freedom to express the normal behaviour of their own kind and lastly freedom from fear and distress. At JANVIER LABS, these 5 rights are duties, which our "Animal Welfare" department is responsible for attending to on a daily basis.

The "Animal Welfare" department of JANVIER LABS is responsible for monitoring the conditions of accommodation, care and use of our rodents and for training and providing guidance to all our teams on good practices based on the 3 Rs Principle (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) launched in the 60s by the English biologists, Russel and Burch, in their book “The Principle of Humane Experimental Technique”.

Moreover, at JANVIER LABS, we are particularly attentive to our rodents' socialisation because we are well aware of the fact that an unstressed animal is required to provide consistent results both in terms of experiments and behavioural tests.  Each week, all our animals are handled manually by our animal house staff. This socialisation policy enables us to provide our customers with more docile, easy to handle rodents, regardless of their breed.

Another characteristic of JANVIER LABS is that all our animals are bred in small animal houses and we do not mix different breeds of rodents. This policy ensures that the animals grow in a less noisy and less stressful environment conducive to their healthy development.

Lastly, all our cages are enhanced with accessories allowing the animals to express some of their natural behaviour, which contributes to their well-being.

In addition to the activities of the "Animal Welfare" department, JANVIER LABS has an independent Ethics Committee, responsible for undertaking ethical assessment of all the projects to be carried out in our laboratories.