Sustainable development

An integrated environmental policy

Just as JANVIER LABS pays special attention to ethical concepts and animal welfare, it is only natural that it also does so in relation to environmental protection and sustainable development. New arrangements or technical innovations aimed at reducing its impact on the environment are implemented regularly.

  • Energy savings

At JANVIER LABS we take particular care in the use and management of natural resources and energy. As an example, let us quote the example of our chlorinated water treatment plant, which provides a constant supply to our rodent production units through a closed circuit. This technical innovation has allowed us to reduce our water consumption significantly. 

In addition, our choice of electrical and electronic equipment is still directed towards the most energy efficient solutions and our employees are made aware of and encouraged to adopt responsible, individual behaviour.

  •  Waste management

At JANVIER LABS we have set up a system for sorting waste so that it can be recovered or recycled. This enables paper, cardboard and scrap metal to be recycled while soiled litter is used for composting.

  • Social and societal commitments

The Human Resources policy of JANVIER LABS aims to respect people and to provide them with a fulfilling work environment. Stable employment, management of skills and careers, safety, improvement of working conditions and internal promotion are all areas of work in which JANVIER LABS fulfils its commitments towards its employees.


Customers, suppliers and local partners of JANVIER LABS are also at the heart of this approach based on listening to and meeting the requirements of the various stakeholders.