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September 6, 2010 - The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, Maine and Sacramento, California) and JANVIER SAS in Le Genest Saint Isle, France, are collaborating to provide researchers in Europe with easy access to The Jackson Laboratory’ s JAX® Sperm Cryo Kit which is based on Jackson’s patent-pending, breakthrough mouse sperm cryopreservation technology [see:].

This novel technology provides biomedical researchers with a revolutionary approach to safeguard valuable and unique mouse strains and reduces the need to maintain live animal colonies. The JAX® Sperm Cryo Kit offers significant cost and time savings due to its affordability, ease of use and sixfold increase in successful live strain recovery rates compared with traditional methods. Using this kit, researchers can easily perform mouse sperm cryopreservation in their own laboratories and achieve results similar to cryopreservation conducted at The Jackson Laboratory.

"We are delighted to work with JANVIER as our European distributor of the JAX® Sperm Cryo Kit," stated Auro Nair, Associate General Manager of JAX® Mice & Services at The Jackson Laboratory. "JANVIER has a long-standing, excellent reputation for customer service and enabling biomedical research in Europe. This collaboration with JANVIER will provide European researchers with convenient access to our unique, highly effective sperm cryopreservation technology, which reduces costs associated with the use of research animals and provides reliable preservation and recovery of thousands of mouse models of human disease."

JANVIER will serve as Jackson’s sole authorized commercial distributor of the JAX® Sperm Cryo Kit in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Also, JANVIER will offer researchers in these countries cryopreservation services based on use of this kit, including quality control testing, cryo-storage and recovery of cryopreserved mouse sperm.

"This distribution agreement illustrates JANVIER’s and The Jackson Laboratory's desire to combine their strengths and complementary know-how to better serve researchers in Europe", said Eliane Janvier, JANVIER's President. "These cryopreservation solutions will help researchers to reduce breeding costs, backup valuable mouse strains against loss, save vivarium space and facilitate quick recovery of their research mice from cryopreserved sperm".

Founded in 1929, The Jackson Laboratory is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution based in Bar Harbor, Maine, with a facility in Sacramento, California. Its mission is to discover the genetic basis for preventing, treating and curing human diseases, and to enable research and education for the global biomedical community. The Jackson Laboratory’s JAX® Mice & Services division supplies thousands of research mouse models and extensive research services to accelerate basic research and early stage drug discovery worldwide.

JANVIER SAS was founded in 1960 by Roger Janvier and is a privately held company specializing in high technology research animal breeding that operates in state-of-the-art facilities in Le Genest Saint Isle, France. JANVIER is dedicated to providing researchers in Europe with rodent models (mice and rats) for research use and related biomedical research support services.


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