Our strains used in various fields of research

Our strains used in various fields of research

Scientific Bibliography: JANVIER LABS strains used in various fields of research

A few months ago we went live with a new application on our website www.janvier-labs.com, giving the user access to a Scientific bibliography. In this application you can access some 4300 publications from the International scientific community relating to experiments carried out using rodents bred at JANVIER LABS. This is a useful support tool to assist you on a daily basis in your decision-making for your Research work.


Regularly updated database

Within this Scientific bibliography, you will find detailed information on strains provided by JANVIER LABS which have been used as the basis of Research all over the world. Every strain of rat, mouse, hamster or gerbil available in our catalogue features in this database. Since it went online in June 2014, the Scientific bibliography has been enhanced with 158 new articles.


Detailed information to illustrate the use of strains in different areas of research

Each rodent strain is subject to an international nomenclature. According to the origins of the strain, the name is sometimes modified despite the fact that the animals were created from the same initial stock. By way of example, an RjOrl:SWISS is a SWISS at JANVIER LABS and its equivalent can be OF1. In spite of these different references, it concerns the same animal from outbred strains with the same characteristics and for use in the equivalent research fields.

With the help of the information contained in the Scientific bibliography, you can make the links between the different models you need for your research work.


Three search criteria to make it easier

In order to find a strain in our database, you can search in three ways:


Search by type of application

44 fields of Research are pre-listed in our database. This means that you can choose a research field (for example: Immunology), discover published articles on the use of our animals in this area such as Dark Agouti, Lewis or Brown Norway rats.


You are welcome to begin consulting the online Scientific bibliography right away and don’t forget that our Sales and Scientific Support teams are there to assist you. They can advise you and recommend the most appropriate lines for your research fields and protocols.

Direct access to the Scientific bibliography

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