Pasteurellaceae free animals

Pasteurellaceae free animals

In the past FELASA recommended the testing of all the Pasteurellaceae family. The new 2014 FELASA recommendation require systematic testing of sole Pasteurellaceae pneumotropica, considering the other Pasteurellaceae as additional agents with optional research.

At JANVIER LABS, we have decided to continue to systematically test for all types of Pasteurellaceae, as we have also done so in order to comply with the requirements from certain customers and also because certain germs besides Pasteurella pneumotropica can be pathogenic for other species, including humans.

The new health certificates that we send you will now specify this test.

Results now mentioned on our health certificates

As you will see in the next health certificates you receive from us, all animals raised in our laboratories are Pasteurellaceae-free. You are therefore guaranteed that the animals given to you are not carriers of Haemophilus or Actinobacillus.

Modified presentation of health certificates

Given the event of FELASA’s modified list, we have made changes to our health certificates. From now on, the results are displayed by number of positive cases per total samples, which is clearer. Moreover, other new germs according to various species have been added, apart from the Pasteurellaceae, some frequencies have also been modified. Lastly, a reminder that the date shown on the certificates corresponds to the date the samples are sent.

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