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Breed and secure your model

A customised breeding strategy for all your projects

Breed your research models

The production of specific and complex research models, such as genetically altered mouse or rat models requires a high skill level in different scientific areas as well as a technological platform.
Rodents in customised breeding are bred according to our quality criteria and whilst respecting our ethics policy, with a guaranteed SOPF or SPF health status.

All stages of your animals’ breeding are supported by a unique and dedicated project manager to assure the strict respect of your needs and your requirements.

Our solutions of customised breeding

If you encounter problems of space, time management or simply of resources, entrusting the management of your models to our breeding experts is the solution!

Our solutions of assisted reproduction

Assisted reproduction means the use of clinical and biological practices allowing “In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)”, embryo transfer and artificial insemination, as well as any other technique with an equivalent effect allowing the procreation outside the natural process.

Preserve & secure your strains

Benefit from a recognized expertise and from the latest cutting-edge technologies for the cryopreservation and assisted reproduction to ensure the future of your strains.
From the cryopreservation to the assisted reproduction, our reproductive sciences expert teams are trained in the latest techniques in order to offer you very high quality services.

Our solutions of cryopreservation

Have you ever thought about cryopreserving your strain? Cryopreservation is the ideal solution to constitute a security stock of a strain in case of a problem in your breeding or to preserve a strain which is not used
anymore or seldom used.

Our kits of frozen embryos

Embryo kits to facilitate your research : Time saving, safe system, reproducible.

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