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B6γc Immunodeficient Mouse

Immunodeficient mouse for immunology and oncology research

Model characteristics


Inbred mutated mouse, GEMM

Strain name:



Ciphe, Marseille France, in 2019

Colour and related genotype:

Black mouse, a (a/a) non agouti MHC : Haplotype H2b

Performance de reproduction :

Description of our model and application areas

The B6γc mouse is an immunodeficient mouse with a Knock Out (KO) genetic mutation in the IL2rg KO gene (Interleukin 2 receptor gamma chain, IL2rgtm1) on a C57BL/6N genetic background.

The IL2rgtm1 mutation called γc is a KO mutation of the gene coding for the γc chain that is common (in particular) to interleukins (IL-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-9 and IL-15).

This gene is necessary for the differentiation and the function of numerous hematopoietic cells with a full impact on the development of Natural Killer cells (NK).

The B6γc (IL2rg) mouse has proven to be helpful for studies that include, for instance, transplants of allogeneic or syngeneic tumoral stem cells.

The B6γc strain is also helpful in combination with B6Rag2γc and B6Rag2 mice for studies aiming at understanding the role of T, B and NK cells in host resistance to tumors and infectious agents in particular.
JANVIER LABS obtained the B6gc (C57BL/6N-Rag2tm1-IL2rgtm1) through a homologous recombination (ES cells from B6N mice), developed at the Centre d’Immunophénomique (Ciphe, Marseille, France) in 2019.

Whereas other animal models that carry similar genes generally appear with a B6-129s joint genetic background, the JANVIER LABS B6γc strain is specifically and exclusively expressed on a C57BL/6NRj background.

Thus the genetic nature of the strain is perfectly controlled and homogeneous. Animals are bred so as to maintain both the genetic background and the mutations of interest in their homozygous forms.

The B6gc strain is bred in an inbred manner and the phenotype is controlled according to the JANVIER LABS GENETIC POLICY®.

Main application and research fields

Immunology Oncology Physiology - Physiopathology Preclinical

Haematological parameters

Flow cytometry analysis, spleen

All lymphoid organs of our models were analysed

Phenotypic characterisation

This model has been entirely characterized. The immunological and hematological parameters were characterized by Center of Immunophenomics (Ciphe, Marseille, France).

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