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B6 Albino Mouse

Model characteristics


Inbred mouse

Strain name:



Created by JANVIER LABS in 2015, principle pair F0/N11

Colour and related genotype:

Albino mouse - Tyrc/c


Good breeder

In vivo
In vitro

Description of our model and application areas

This strain was developed by crossing a C57BL/6NRj with a BALB/cAnNRj and the B6cF1 was backcrossed over 10 generations with a C57BL/6NRj genetic background. The result: an inbred mouse with a C57BL/6NRj genetic background carrying the albino mutation.

The B6(C)/Rj-Tyrc/c, therefore, has absolutely no pigments (skin, eyes). This strain also possesses characteristics similar to a C57BL/6NRj, but does not carry the Nnt gene mutation, unlike the C57BL/6JRj.

The B6(C)/Rj-Tyrc/c is mainly used in transgenics for the creation of blastocysts intended for the reception of genetically modified ES cells by way of microinjection on a C57BL/6 genetic background. This strain can also be used by immunology, such as the C57BL/6.

It is, in this case, used in the production of embryo kits, from zygotes to blastocyst stage.

Main application and research fields

Cardiovascular diseases Degenerative diseases, ageeing Immunology Metabolic disorders Neurosciences Preclinical Transgenesis

Useful documents

Download the technical sheet

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Health monitoring report

Growth curve

The growth curve represents an average which reflects the weight variation of the strain measured between 21 and 84 days for males and females.

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