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Model characteristics

Strain name:



Mutant inbred rat, GMO


Janvier Labs, 2024

Colour and related genotype:

Albino rat

Performance de reproduction :

Description of our model and application areas

The SDRGS rat stands out as the most immunodeficient rat model currently available in the market, featuring a triple knockout (KO) of the Rag1, Il2rg, and Cd47 genes.

The Rag1tm1 KO mutation is affecting the gene responsible for encoding recombination-activating protein 1, a pivotal contributor to the generation of receptors in T and B lymphocytes. The absence of this protein impedes the development of T and B lymphocytes, leading to immune deficiency.

The Il2rgtm1 mutation is a KO mutation within the gene that encodes the common gamma subunit of cytokine receptors, associated with various interleukins (IL-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-9, and IL-15). This gene is vital for the differentiation and functioning of numerous hematopoietic cells, significantly influencing Natural Killer (NK) cell development.

Lastly, the elimination of Cd47 expression produces a similar effect to the NODSirpa variant found in strains such as NXG and NRG mice. This elimination disrupts rat macrophages tolerance, although the precise mechanism awaits further clarification.

In conclusion, the SDRGS strain emerges as a highly sophisticated immunodeficient rat model, displaying a total lack of T, B, and NK lymphocyte compartments, along with an increased phagocytic tolerance. This makes it an ideal model for humanization.

The original Sprague Dawley strain was created by R. W. DAWLEY around 1925 from a male hybrid hooded rat of unknown origin and an albino female (likely WISTAR). The male was then crossed with the offspring of this female for 7 generations.

The SPRAGUE DAWLEY® rat is a non-consanguineous albino rat with an elongated head and a tail longer than its body. This rapidly growing rat is docile and easy to handle.

Main application and research fields

Diabetes Graft vs. host disease Human organ transplantation Humanization Immunology Immunotherapy Infectious diseases Oncology Regenerative medicine

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