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Model characteristics


Mutant rat

Strain name:



Centre de Recherche Delalande (France) - 1978

Colour and related genotype:

Albino rat - Tyrc/Tyrc - MHC: RT1k


Animal easy to rear

In vivo
In vitro

Description of our model and application areas

In 1960, OKAMOTO detected within a stock of outbred WISTAR rats from Kyoto University a male with a spontaneous hypertension and a female with high blood pressure. He bred and selected the descendants based on the expression of this hypertension (OKAMAOTO 1969) thus giving us the SHR rat (Spontaneous Hypertensive Rat). At the same time, Wistar animals with “normal” blood pressure were selected to be used as a samegenetic- background normotensive control of the Spontaneously
Hypertensive rats: the Wistar Kyoto Rat (WKY).

Due to its insulin resistance, the SHR rat is a good model studying hypertension in non-obese humans (Swislocki and Tsuzuki, 1993). This rat is hyperactive; it can be used as a model for attentiondeficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD (Sagvolden and al., 1993). It’s widely used for selecting antihypertensive drugs.

SHR rats develop a spontaneous hypertension around 7-15 weeks of age. This hypertension is polygenic in origin with at least 3 genes.

Main application and research fields

Cardiovascular diseases Metabolic disorders

Useful documents

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Health monitoring report

Growth curve

The growth curve represents an average which reflects the weight variation of the strain measured between 21 and 84 days for males and females.

Reproductive data

Monogamous mating

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