We are an international and independent company, specialised in rodent research models and associated services. Our mission is to provide all International actors of Biomedical Research with the most stable and reliable experimental materials, in order to make research easier.

The largest and most advanced rodent breeding site in Europe

  • 280 employees
  • 22,000 sqm of premises
  • An annual production capacity of 3,000,000 rodents
  • 40,000 kms covered every week by our own transport department
  • 3,000 customers in over 20 countries


CRISPR/CAS9 and 3R: try our frozen zygotes kits.

In only one hour, dispose of zygotes ready to be injected.


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2 new strains for transgenesis

Save time and ressources when generating your mouse models!

Use our B6 ALBINO and B6 AGOUTI to detect germline transmission by coat color!

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Immunodeficiency models at the heart of your research

Our research models have different levels of immunodeficiency so that each of your studies benefits from a research model with its own immune characteristics.

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WISTAR rats for your research

As an outbred stock the WISTAR rat is an ideal choice for your studies.

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