Ethics committee

It is man's duty to respect animals as sensitive, living creatures. This responsibility entails training in ethics and relevant, appropriately updated, regulatory, scientific and technical knowledge. This is the role of the Ethics Committee of JANVIER LABS.

The Ethics Committee of JANVIER LABS is registered with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) under number 78 and in this capacity is a signatory of the "National Charter on Animal Experimentation".

The Ethics Committee of JANVIER LABS is an independent, impartial, multidisciplinary body consisting of at least 5 permanent full members among whom are:

  • A veterinary surgeon,
  • A researcher
  • A person taking part in the experiments with capacity as a researcher
  • An animal handler,
  • A novice, or a person outside the animal husbandry and experimentation activity.


The Committee's primary responsibility is to undertake ethical assessment of all new projects - whether these are internal projects or those of customers - whenever they are due to be carried out in the laboratories of JANVIER LABS.

The Ethics Committee of JANVIER LABS is also a venue for dialogue, reflection and debate whose mission is to ensure - in accordance with the code of good veterinary practice - that projects "are not likely to cause an animal any pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm equal to or greater than that caused by the introduction of a needle".

In addition to the activity of the Ethics Committee, JANVIER LABS has an "Animal Welfare" department responsible for the ethical assessment and monitoring of all projects