An innovation-based approach

Innovation is an ongoing concern at JANVIER LABS and every level of the company is involved in it, in order to meet our customers new needs and expectations. Our three departments, "Research Models", "Laboratory Services" and "Transgenic Services" are actively involved in this area, enabling us to offer new products and services regularly and to improve our procedures constantly.

We regularly develop pioneering new technical concepts with the aim of improving animal welfare and reducing contamination risks. These innovations ensure that we can guarantee to our clients that the rodents delivered to them are in perfect health.

On a scientific level, our recent research on embryo transfer, transgenesis and cryopreservation of embryos or sperm have enabled us to benefit from funding from OSEO and the Research Tax Credit scheme. These two aids are granted by the Research and Economics Ministries to French businesses recognised as being pioneers.

Last but not least, JANVIER LABS also belongs to Atlanpôle Biotherapies, the international innovation and competitiveness cluster, specialising in Biotherapies.