Transport policy

An in-house transport service

Animals are not used to being transported and this event can be a source of stress for them. This is why at JANVIER LABS, we have established an exclusive, strict transport policy, which is ISO 9001 certified and intended to limit this stress and protect the animals' welfare during travel.

At JANVIER LABS, we have decided to provide this service in-house in order to reassure ourselves that it is carried out in a manner which meets our expectations. This strategy enables us to provide our customers with particularly flexible, responsive and reliable customised transportation.

  • Specialised teams and specially equipped vehicles

All our delivery drivers have been trained in biosecurity and animal welfare; they achieved this by undergoing training in the transportation of live animals. They travel on our own fleet of 20 air-conditioned, ventilated lorries, specially equipped for the carriage of laboratory rodents and approved by the veterinary authorities. Some of our vehicles are also equipped with air-tight cases for the repatriation of non-SPF animals.

Our vehicles are renewed every 2 to 3 years and maintained solely by the manufacturer. This very recent fleet enables JANVIER LABS to have very reliable equipment complying with the latest exhaust emission standards.

  • Managing the animals' stress during the journey

In order to minimise the animals' stress during journeys, we have put appropriate measures in place.

  • Driving on motorways for added comfort

Our vehicles systematically use motorways to reduce jolting and journey times for the animals.

  • Outsourced teams of drivers

To ensure that our rodents' journeys take place in one go without stopping throughout Europe, our teams of drivers are based in different areas in France. This type of organisation ensures that our drivers can take over from one another at each break in order to continue the journey. This policy enables us to respect our teams' working hours while reducing the animals' transport time.

  • Weekly services throughout Europe

Our transportation service covers over 40,000 km every week in the best possible sanitary conditions and provides weekly deliveries throughout Europe (France / Belgium / Netherlands / Germany / Sweden / Denmark / Austria / Hungary / Croatia / Switzerland / Italy / Spain).