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All species, reformed or old breeders. For custom age and / or weight, please contact us.

Description of our service

Whole blood consits of a biological fluid, the plasma, which contains all blood cells. These cells or 'blood elements' are the red blood cells, the white blood cells and the platelets. Whole blood is not a stable product: it spontaneously coagulates within a few minutes outside of the blood vessels (e.g. in a laboratory tube), generating a semi-solid mass ressembling a compact gel called "clot".

Plasma is a slightly viscous liquid, transparent and yellowish in healthy animals. It is mixed with anticoagulant. The plasma contains clotting proteins unlike serum.

Centrifugation allows for separation of the coagulum into a solid and a liquid portion. The remaining liquid, called serum, is close to plasma but with a different composition (no clotting proteins) since it has undergone changes related to coagulation.

Rat serum for embryo culture is serum taken from outbred rats with CO2 anesthesia, with a specific centrifugation protocol.

Our method

  • Whole blood:
    -Blood sampling with anticoagulant
  • Plasma:
    -Blood sampling with anticoagulant
    -Supernatant liquid sampling = plasma
  • Serum:
    -Blood sampling without any anticoagulant
    -Latent period for obtaining coagulation
    -Supernatant liquid sampling = serum

Possible options

  • Anticoagulants:
    -Heparin (salts), lithium salt, ammonium salt, sodium salt: beware when titrating sodium
    -Glycolytic inhibitors fluoride or iodoacetate.
  • Any type of packaging.

Our added value

  • Traceability of samplings.
  • Daily production of blood products.
  • Adaptation of the protocol to the needs and objectives of the researcher.
  • Ethical review process by our IACUC (MESR No. 078).

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