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Nomenclature: PVG/OrlRj

Type: Inbred rat
Colour and related genotype: Black and white rat (black hooded),a/a, B/B, C/C, h/h - MHC: RT1c
Origin: Dr. HOEDEMAEUER (Gröningen - Netherlands) to Orleans in 1978
Breeding: Easy to rear

Fields of research

  • Behaviour
  • Immunology
  • Neurology

Description of our model

This strain was originally inbred by Glaxo, UK (1946). The stock originated from Kings College of Household Science and was then transferred to the Lister Institute and subsequently to VIROL, and to Glaxo in 1946 who started the BxS mating. It was then distributed to Agricultural Research Council, Cambridge. PVG means for Piebald Virol Glaxo.

PVG/OrlRj rats are resistant to Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE) and the induction of autoimmune thyroïditis.It is resistant to the development of glomerular sclerosis following unilateral nephrectomy. It is however moderately sensitive to the development of experimental glomerulonephritis following injection of nephritogenic antigen from bovine kidneys.

It is is susceptible to the development of mycobacterially induced adjuvent arthritis and to infection by Entamoeba histolytica.

There is a lower incidence of polyspermia than in WISTAR rats.

Our added value

  • The « JANVIER LABS Genetic Policy », specific programme, guarantees homozygosity of autosomal pairs.
  • Animals with the SPF or SOPF standards.
  • A gentling policy for docile and easy-to-handle animals.
  • Optimal stability conditions of our models during shipments, thanks to our dedicated and internal transport service.
  • A scientific support with a team of Veterinarians and PhD.

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