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Nomenclature: DA/HanRj

Type: Inbred rat
Colour and related genotype: Agouti rat, A/A, B/B, C/C, H/H, P/P - MHC: RT1av1 Erythrocyte antigens: RT2b RT8b - Lymphocyte antigènes: RT6b RT7a
Origin: Zentralinstitut für Versuchstierzucht (Hannover) - 1990
Breeding: Difficult to rear

Fields of research

  • Arthritis
  • Immunology
  • Oncology
  • Transplantation

Description of our model

This strain was bred by Dr T.T. ODELL Jr. from stock of unstated origin at the OAK Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee (USA) up to generation F11. It was then transferred to Dr Darcy WILSON at the WISTAR INSTITUTE, who named it DARK AGOUTI because of its colour and because it expressed the d blood group allele. PALM and BLACK suggested that this strain could be related to the COP strain (1971).

This strain develops spontaneous urinary bladder tumours (54 % in males and 14 % in females) with a peak incidence between 25 and 30 months. This strain is susceptible to the induction of autoimmune thyroiditis.

The DARK AGOUTI is a very good model for acute and chronic arthritis because it is highly susceptible to its induction by type II rat collagen or Freund's adjuvant.

Our added value

  • The « JANVIER LABS Genetic Policy », specific programme, guarantees homozygosity of autosomal pairs.
  • Animals with the SPF or SOPF standards.
  • A gentling policy for docile and easy-to-handle animals.
  • Optimal stability conditions of our models during shipments, thanks to our dedicated and internal transport service.
  • A scientific support with a team of Veterinarians and PhD.

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