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Nomenclature: LEW/OrlRj

Type: Inbred rat
Colour and related genotype: Albino rat, a/a, B/B, Tyrc/Tyrc, h/h - MHC: RT1l - Erythrocyte antigens: RT2a RT3a - Lymphocyte antigens: RT6a RT7a
Origin: CSAL (Orléans) - 1987
Breeding: High level of sterility, easy to rear, easy to handle

Fields of research

  • Experimental pathology
  • Immunology
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology
  • Transplantation

Description of our model

The strain was created by Dr M. LEWIS from WISTAR stock. It was then transferred to APTEKMAN and BOGDEN in 1954 at F20, and then to SILVERS in 1958 at F31. It was used as background in many congenic strains (STARK and KREN, 1969).

LEWIS rat is highly sensitive to the induction of auto-immune disease, such as Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE), induced arthritis, glomerulonephritis and experimental myocarditis.

LEWIS rat is also sensitive to Diet-induced obesity and diabetes and streptozocin-induced diabetes.

Our added value

  • The « JANVIER LABS Genetic Policy », specific programme, guarantees homozygosity of autosomal pairs.
  • Animals with the SPF or SOPF standards.
  • A gentling policy for docile and easy-to-handle animals.
  • Optimal stability conditions of our models during shipments, thanks to our dedicated and internal transport service.
  • A scientific support with a team of Veterinarians and PhD.

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