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Cryopreservation of sperm

species: Mice
duration: 2 weeks
2 males idealy aged 10-16 weeks
20 straws; each contains 40 µL of sperm. Straws have to be cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen.

Description of our service

Cryopreservation is the ideal solution to protect a valuable strain or to store a strain that is not part of an active study. With this in mind, The Jackson Laboratory developed a simple, innovative and reliable solution for protecting and storing your strains: the JAX™ Sperm Cryo Kit.

Cryopreservation of strains by sperm, thanks to its simplicity, is now the standard approach to cryopreserve most mouse strains.

It is recommended if the strain contains only one or two genetic mutations and is on a common genetic background.

The recovery of frozen sperm via in-vitro fertilisation allows you to greatly increase the number of age and genotype matched mice produced in just a single recovery.

JANVIER LABS is the exclusive commercial provider of this Kit in Europe1. Thanks to this Kit, the cryopreservation of sperm of your strains can be performed by you in your laboratory.


1JANVIER LABS is the exclusive commercial provider of The Jackson Laboratory’s JAX™ Sperm Cryo Kit in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. JAX™ is a trademark registered in the United States. All rights reserved.


2The Jackson Laboratory can recover your cryopreserved strains using JAX™ host strains. Please contact JANVIER LABS for more details.

Our method

  • Receipt of your animals in one of our external laboratories to enable the containment of contaminated strains.
  • Cryopreservation of sperm with the JAX™ Sperm Cryo Kit.
  • Liquid nitrogen cryo-storage.

Possible options

  • in vitro quality control, QC1: rate of development to 2-cell stage after thawing and in vitro fertilisation with oocytes at JANVIER LABS.
  • in vivo quality control, QC2: birth rate after thawing and transfer of embryos from in vitrofertilisation to pseudopregnant females.
  • Dual cryo-storage at JANVIER LABS: per year cryo-storage.
  • Return of sperm straws.
  • Recovery from cryopreserved sperm and quick colony expansion by in vitro fertilisation2.
  • Breeding your transgenic strains in isolators.
  • Cryopreservation and recovery from embryos.
  • Combination of cryopreservation and rederivation.

Our added value

  • 50 years of experience in the management, breeding and production of rodents.
  • The organisation of the transport and receipt of your biological material from anywhere in the world.
  • The monitoring of your project and the transmission of regular reporting by your dedicated project manager.
  • A team of experts to advise you on the choice of cryopreservation method depending on the characteristics of your strain, the requested quantity of animals, the quality controls.
  • The use of the JAX™ Sperm Cryo Kit.
  • The exclusive relationship with The Jackson Laboratory, a guarantee of technical and scientific support.

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