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Recovery of strain from frozen embryos

species: Mice and rats
duration: 12 weeks
1 to 2 straws frozen by JANVIER LABS (25-50 embryos) or 25-75 frozen embryos from other laboratories (freezing and recovery protocols to be provided)
Restitution of 2 to 6 males and 2 to 6 females SOPF (if the embryos were cryopreserved at JANVIER LABS) Restitution of all the obtained SOPF animals (if the animals were cryopreserved using a third-party protocol)

Description of our service

If you wish to have mice from a strain, you can get them from frozen embryo straws.

The recovery is necessary when you lose a strain and you already have frozen embryos or in the case of delivery of a straw by a collaborator.

Recovery from frozen embryos is also used to repopulate animal rooms after transfer, construction, or after a long period of storage when the strain was not part of an active study.

Recovery from frozen embryos provides specific and opportunistic pathogen free (SOPF) animals; this technique is used to limit genetic drift and recover the original phenotype of your strain.

If the animals were cryopreserved using a third-party protocol, we can not guarantee any success.

Our method

  • Receipt of cryopreserved embryo straws.
  • Frozen embryo thawing.
  • Successive washes of the embryos with sterile medium.
  • Transfer of washed embryos to recipient "pseudopregnant" SOPF females.
  • Transfer of females to an isolator.
  • Birth of pups.
  • Health monitoring programme tests to confirm SOPF status.
  • Shipment of 2 to 6 males and 2 to 6 females SOPF, all genotypes included, or shipment of all the obtained SOPF animals.

Possible options

  • Tail biopsies and identification of pups from your strain: depending on the genotype of the original animals, it may be necessary to make a genotyping of decontaminated animals to recover animals of interest.
  • Cryopreservation and recovery of strains using sperm or embryos to decontaminate and cryopreserve your strain at the same time.
  • Breeding your transgenic strains in isolators.

Our added value

  • 50 years of experience in the management, breeding and production of rodents.
  • The organisation of the transport and receipt of your biological material from anywhere in the world.
  • The shipment of the recovered and decontaminated animals thanks to our dedicated and internal transport service.
  • The monitoring of your project and the transmission of regular reporting by your dedicated project manager.
  • The introduction of "sanitary barriers" with equipment and dedicated staff ensures a controlled and optimal decontamination of your strains.
  • A team of experts to advise you on the need of genotyping.
  • Health monitoring programme tests performed by independent accredited organisations.

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