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Rederivation by embryo transfer

species: Mice and rats
duration: 12 weeks
5 males aged 10-20 weeks or 5 males aged 10-20 weeks and 10 females aged less than 20 weeks
3 to 6 SOPF males and 3 to 6 SOPF females (all genotypes included)

Description of our service

The rederivation (or decontamination) by embryo transfer allows you to obtain SOPF (free of pathogens and some opportunistic microorganisms) animals from infected animals.

Decontamination may be necessary to remove the influence of infectious agents on an experiment. It is also necessary to securely exchange a line with a colleague based on the health status of the respective animal rooms.

Our method

  • Receipt of your animals in one of our external laboratories to enable the containment of contaminated strains.

  • Mating schemes to choose from:
    - your males and your females
    - your males with our females (or vice versa).

  • Collection of embryos and successive washes of the embryos with sterile medium.

  • Transfer of washed embryos to recipient "pseudopregnant" SOPF females.

  • Transfer of females to an isolator.

  • Birth of pups.

  • Health monitoring programme tests to confirm SOPF status.

  • Shipment of 3 to 6 SOPF males and 3 to 6 SOPF females (all genotypes included)

Possible options

  • Tail biopsies and identification of pups from your strain: depending on the genotype of the original animals, it may be necessary to make a genotyping of decontaminated animals.

  • Fast rederivation: shipping of least 2 pregnant SOPF females.

  • Cryopreservation and recovery of strains using sperm or embryos to decontaminate and cryopreserve your strain at the same time.

  • Sperm or embryo recovery to decontaminate your strain.

  • Breeding your transgenic strains in isolators.

Our added value

  • 50 years of experience in the management, breeding and production of rodents.

  • The organisation of the transport and receipt of your biological material from anywhere in the world.

  • The shipment of decontaminated animals thanks to our dedicated and internal transport service.

  • The monitoring of your project and the transmission of regular reporting by your dedicated project manager.

  • The introduction of "sanitary barriers" with equipment and dedicated staff ensures a controlled and optimal decontamination of your strains.

  • A team of experts to advise you on the ideal mating scheme, the requested quantity of animals, the need of genotyping.

  • Health monitoring programme tests performed by independent accredited organisations.

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