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An international coverage

As a key player in Europe with more than 60 years experience, JANVIER LABS provides expertise, its models and services on the international stage with the same quality wherever you are in the world

Homogeneity and repeatability of our research results throughout the world

Today, JANVIER LABS is the sole laboratory rodent breeder in the world to supply all its European and international customers from a sole production site to ensure homogeneity and repeatability of your research results wherever you are.

Guaranteed quality to the door of your laboratories thanks to our in-house transport

JANVIER LABS has developed an exclusive transport policy enabling to ensure the delivery from our site to the door of your animal facility wherever you are. Our international service providers have been selected to assure you of a high standard.

You are a Pharma, a CRO, an university …?
You would like to work with quality animals coming from a sole site to ensure homogeneity and repeatability of your research results?

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