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One sole microbiota

Microbiota has become an essential parameter for the success of animal experimentation.

JANVIER LABS has launched a study programme of the microbiota in its breeding units. This study starts at a key point in the production process in our breeding units: the recipient females. Indeed, these rodents bred in isolators are used at the outset of all our colonies for the revitalisation of embryos coming from the cryopreserved nucleus of our strains. Thus, through this first stage, we introduce our microbiota that will be transmitted to all production generations.

Breeding and microbiota at JANVIER LABS

All our research models delivered to our customers come from a sole production site, the largest and most advanced one in Europe. All results obtained up to now, lead us to conclude that our experimental models have one sole microbiota stable over time, which contributes to the success of your research programmes.

JANVIER LABS is the sole breeder to supply all its national, European and international customers from a sole production site.

JANVIER LABS strategy is to control microbiota of our models during the specific production process. Thus, we can supply models whose microbiota is clearly qualified, characterized and stable. An additional asset for the repeatability of your results and for their success.

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