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Animal welfare

The contribution of the animal to biomedical research is significant and remains essential, and is constantly evolving thanks to the 3Rs Principle (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement).

The culture of animal welfare

Keeping in mind our permanent quest for ensuring a calm environment for our animals and a life quality enabling them to express their natural behavior, our animal caretakers are in charge of the daily needs of our animals.

All our teams of animal caretakers have a continuous training programme for the respect of good practices and thus for ensuring animal welfare.

We pay attention to several factors which allow us to deliver you calm and docile animals, so easy to handle by the customer:

  • Each animal species is housed in a dedicated animal facility for a calm environment which allows the expression of natural behaviour

  • All our animals are handled manually several times a week to supply our customers with easy-to-handle animals

  • We control all the environmental parameters in our animal facilities

  • Our animals benefit from an adapted enrichment, in sufficient quantities

  • A daily monitoring by our teams allows us to ensure the real welfare conditions

A department dedicated to animal welfare

JANVIER LABS has a department dedicated to continuous improvement of animal welfare and an independent Ethics Committee in charge of the ethics evaluation of all projects conducted in our laboratories. We also offer advices about animal welfare, do not hesitate to contact us.

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