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Create your model

Janvier Labs has created a department « Customized Models Support » to support the creation of genetically modified research models (overexpression
of genes, knock-out, knock-in, RNAI, genetrap, conditional or inducible systems,....).

Our service « Customized Models Support »

We offer a large range of products and services to platforms that perform pro-nuclear micro injections with methods such as: ZFN, TALEN, CRISPR, classical additional transgenesis … or micro injections of genetically modified ES cells.

We also offer you a complete support of your model, from the creation by our partners, its securing by sperm and/or embryo cryopreservation, its customized breeding, until the delivery of cohorts which have been defined in advance (health status, age, sex, genotype) or the delivery of samples (organs, biological products …).

You create genetically modified models?

Benefit from all our products and services in order to save time, space and resources and to benefit from the expertise of JANVIER LABS and of its partners.

Embryo kits : Eazygotes, 2Cell-Kit, Quickblasto

Outsource embryo production from your animal facilities: time savings, free up space, standardization of your process, reduction of the quantity of animals used, flexibility.

Breed and secure mice and rats

Dispose of housing capacity for mice and rats according to your needs.

Deliver and repatriate your models

Benefit from the JANVIER LABS in-house transport service.

You want to create your genetically modified mouse or rat model?

Benefit from our partners' expertise

Benefit from the Center for Immunophenomics (CIPHE)‘s expertise in model creation gained over the last 20 years, together with a complete support of your project by Janvier Labs from inception to model delivery, through our unique collaboration: JC Discovery. You now have access to unparalleled services for the creation, maintenance and cryopreservation of your models, all in one place.

Entrust all stages of the project to us

All stages of your project are supported by a unique and dedicated project manager in order to assure the strict respect of your needs and your requirements.

Our project managers are characterized by their responsiveness, their professionalism, their expertise and their ability to adapt to the customer’s goals.

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