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Customised protocols and models
DIO (Diet Induced Obesity) ...


Species and characteristics of the models:
All species depending on the needs of the protocol and its feasibility.

The customised protocol may include a sub-contracted experiment for the researcher with forwarding of the results or samples as defined during the development of the protocol, or a pre-protocol for preparation of animals to be integrated in a particular protocol of the researcher.

Non-exhaustive list of protocols:
• DIO (Diet Induced Obesity) studies with different energy sources (lipids, carbohydrates, proteins …).
• Restricted diet studies
• Surgical protocol inducing diseases like osteoporosis and ovariectomy or ligation of a nerve.
• Inorganic or organic implant placement and subsequent monitoring including its evolution and its interaction with the animal

The customised protocol can combine several areas of JANVIER LABS’s expertise, such as surgery, diet, reproduction and breeding…

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