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ISO 9001 certification for all our activities.

At JANVIER LABS, we are very proud to have been the first European company to obtain ISO 9001 certification as early as 2000 for all our activities, including our in-house transport service. Every day this quality certification guarantees to our customers that our procedures, from making sales contact to delivery to your laboratories, are supervised.

JANVIER LABS has been committed to a quality approach for almost 15 years and obtained its first ISO 9001 certification in February 2000.

JANVIER LABS uses ISO 9001 as a means of improving the company’s organisational procedures, of involving all the staff and for showing its customers – private or public Research Laboratories – its ability to provide rodents and related services meeting their highest expectations.

As this certification has now become a prerequisite for most of our customers, they are all welcome to come and audit us. These occasions provide JANVIER LABS with the opportunity of showing our facilities, our expertise and our range of activities to customers from around the world.

These audits are also a special opportunity for listening to our customers and for offering to develop new models or customised services to facilitate their research work.

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