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Scientific support

A team of scientific experts ready to listen to you

Development of research, animal model complexity and researchers' expectations have led JANVIER LABS to expand its scientific services. This team consists of scientists and veterinary surgeons who provide their expertise in rodent breeding and model characteristics.

By providing breeding expertise and constantly developing its genetic and health policy, JANVIER LABS today offers scientific support in keeping with the needs of research teams and with changing techniques for maintaining and preserving the animal models that are essential for research.
As a stakeholder in the animal welfare department and the ethics committee, this team knows how to take into account the requirements of a 3R policy and provides guidance on monitoring regulatory changes.

Advising researchers of the strain that will best meet their area and their protocols.


Providing its support in developing protocols and understanding results, searches for factors that may influence their experiments and the development of experimental models.


Developing methods for managing colonies to enable the scientific teams to optimise production of their models and to better meet ethical requirements through an increased respect for the 3Rs principle.


A scientific bibliography online ?

You will find references of about 5,000 publications coming from the international Scientific Community, related to studies conducted from rodents bred at JANVIER LABS. With this information, you will be able to know all about our strains and their use in application fields. A daily useful scientific and decision-making support to help you with your research studies.

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