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100% in-house transport

At JANVIER LABS, we have decided to provide this service in-house in order to reassure ourselves that it is carried out in a manner which meets our expectations. We manage the whole logistics chain from our site to the door of your animal facility.

Managing the animals’ stress and the protection of animal welfare during the journey

The transport stage can mean stress for the animals. That is why at JANVIER LABS, we have established an exclusive and strict transport policy to limit stress and protect the animals’ welfare during travel.

Our teams are specialised, our delivery drivers are outsourced and our vehicles are specially equipped.

  • All our delivery drivers are trained in biosecurity and animal welfare.

  • We have our own fleet of more than 25 air-conditioned and ventilated lorries, specially equipped for the carriage of laboratory rodents and approved by the veterinary authorities. This very recent fleet enables JANVIER LABS to have very reliable equipment with the latest exhaust emission standards.

  • Our vehicles systematically use motorways to reduce jolting and journey times for the animals.

  • We assure a traceability of transport conditions thanks to a temperature recorder.

  • Our teams of drivers are based in different areas in Europe in order to ensure that our rodents’ journeys take place in one go without stopping throughout Europe. This policy enables us to respect our teams’ working hours while reducing the animals’ transport time.

The largest transport network in Europe

45,000 kms each week with strict health conditions

Weekly deliveries throughout Europe

A team of more than 30 drivers

A fleet of about 25 lorries

Our transport policy outside Europe

So that the distance is not an obstacle in order for you to be supplied with quality animals, JANVIER LABS has selected specialized partners for the transport of laboratory animals for the most remote or specific destinations.
Each of our partners has been audited and validated by our quality team and our vets.

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