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As an international player of biomedical research,
JANVIER LABS supplies experimental models with the highest standards.
Founded in 1960, the company became international and remains loyal to the values of its founder.

For a complete support

of the research models

JANVIER LABS is a real partner and accompanies you throughout your research projects offering you solutions adapted to meet specific needs at each stage of your projects.

Find your model

Discover our catalogue of experimental models bred in strict breeding conditions in order to assure homogeneity and repeatability of experiment results.

Create your model

You do not find the model you need? We call on our partners to create it and we assure a global support of your model, from the creation to the delivery.

Breed and secure

Save time, space and resources: house your models on our unique site in Europe and entrust their management to our experts. Do not hesitate to meet our teams!

Prepare your model

Facilitate your research projects whilst receiving your model prepared according to your requirements. Benefit from a large range of services: experimental protocols, surgery services, biological products …

What are you searching for?

Find a model, a product, a service …


Latest news


Discover the Janvier Labs immunodeficiency range

A wide range of immunodeficient models, an added value for your research JANVIER LABS offers a range of immunodeficient models that are entirely characterized to support you during your research programmes. JANVIER LABS research models show different immunodeficiency levels so that each of your studies benefit from a model with its own immune characteristics. They […]

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Aged animals

Benefit from aged animals that are always available for your research! These strains are kept for ageing in their original production units and are bred until the age of 24 months in a controlled environment and health status.Available in our permanent stock from the age of 3 weeks to 24 months. All our research mouse […]

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