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An optimal management of genetics

The genetics reliability of research models is one of the essential conditions for the success of the research programmes.

Established by international geneticists and breeding experts, JANVIER LABS GENETIC POLICY® enables a strict management of genetics, from the breeding nucleus to the models delivered to the user. This allows an optimal genetic quality and ensures research results that are homogeneous and repeatable over time.

The policy guarantees a genetic stability for the JANVIER LABS models

The policy guarantees of a genetic stability for the JANVIER LABS models.

With the JANVIER LABS GENETIC POLICY®, we assure you of a genetic homogeneity of all our strains delivered to the customers, through a management at 3 levels. This management is based on fundamental rules of genetics and on the use of modern methods for the management of breeding. It avoids any form of genetic contamination and the appearance of genetic drifts.

Colony nucleus (cryopreserved embryos):

For each strain we breed, we have a stock of cryopreserved embryos dedicated to the renewal of our animal facilities. Each cryopreserved embryo comes from selected animals according to multiple criteria (genetic, biochemical, haematological, histological, zootechnical …) and a previously defined frequency. This strict management of our colonies‘ nucleus is a fundamental element to ensure the renewal of our production units and ensures the genetic stability over time of the models we breed.

Expansion colony and production colony:

Every 10 generations, we renew all our breeders in our expansion colonies and our production colonies. This rule applies to all our strains and to each animal facility on our production site. The renewal of breeders comes from embryo recovery of each colony’s nucleus.

All our genetic controls are performed by independent and reference laboratories.

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