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Continuous innovation

At JANVIER LABS, innovation is at the heart of our development. Beyond human means and financial resources, we are motivated by the passion of our work that pushes us to go ever further.

An approach of continuous innovation

JANVIER LABS relies on a management approach of continuous improvement.
The involvement of each employee but also talents, diversity and the international dimension of our teams allow us to offer new products and services each year and to constantly improve our processes.
We regularly develop new technical and innovative conceptions that allow us to improve our breeding conditions and to strengthen our high quality standard.

A unique production site in Europe, resulting from our innovation.

Our constant willingness to innovate and our search for excellence has led us to develop the largest and most advanced site in Europe.
Thus, we meet the current and future needs of a constantly changing market and the expectations of our customers who are increasingly demanding.

A recognized innovation

On a scientific level, our recent research on embryo transfer, transgenesis and cryopreservation of embryos or sperm have enabled us to benefit from funding from OSEO. This aid is granted by the Research and Economics Ministries to French businesses recognised as being pioneers.

Last but not least, JANVIER LABS also belongs to Atlanpôle Biotherapies, the international innovation and competitiveness cluster, specialising in Biotherapies.


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