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Our expertise in rodent research models

Our core business for 60 years:
Breeding of rodent research models to assure the success of your research programmes

As an international expert of rodent breeding, we are committed to supplying research models with the highest standards to meet the needs of researchers.

Strict breeding conditions to ensure reliable research models that guarantee repeatable results for your research over time

With the support of our teams of experts and our unique site in Europe at the forefront of innovation and entirely dedicated to rodent breeding, we assure you of strict breeding around 4 fundamental elements:

Highest standards for health quality


Animal Welfare


Genetic stability


One sole microbiota


A sole and unique site based in Europe

At JANVIER LABS, we are the only laboratory rodent breeder that chooses to supply all our national, European and international Customers from a sole production site. This policy ensures strict breeding conditions regarding genetics and microbiota management.

A strong innovation culture

In order to meet the constant evolution of research, JANVIER LABS has a strong culture of innovation at all company levels. Beyond human means and financial resources, our specialized teams are motivated by passion that pushes us to go ever further.

Models and solutions adapted to your research areas

We offer you a complete support of your rodent research models, from the creation to the delivery, offering you a large range of research models (mice, rats, hamsters and gerbils), a support department for the creation, for the customized breeding and the preparation of your models.

A quality guaranteed to the door of your research laboratories

Our standard level does not end at the door of our animal facilities! We have decided to provide an in-house transport service to ensure the quality of our solutions to the door of your research laboratories.


We manage the whole logistics chain, from our site to the door of your animal facility.

International coverage

We supply all our European and international customers from a sole production site to ensure reliable research models that guarantee homogeneous and repeatable results for your research over time wherever you are.

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