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Blood products - blood, plasma, serum


Species and characteristics of the models:
All species, reformed or old breeders.
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Whole blood consists of a biological fluid, the plasma, which contains all blood cells. These cells or “blood elements” are the red blood cells, the white blood cells and the platelets. Whole blood is not a stable product: it spontaneously coagulates within a few minutes outside of the blood vessels (e.g. in a laboratory tube), generating a semi-solid mass resembling a compact gel called “clot”.

Plasma is a slightly viscous liquid, transparent and yellowish in healthy animals. It is mixed with anticoagulant. The plasma contains clotting proteins unlike serum.

Serum is obtained by centrifugation allows for separation of the coagulum into a solid and a liquid portion. The remaining liquid, called serum, is close to plasma but with a different composition (no clotting proteins) since it has undergone changes related to coagulation.

Serum for embryo culture is serum taken from outbred rats without CO2 anesthesia, with a specific centrifugation protocol.

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