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Colony housing and management


Production of specific and complex research models such as genetically altered mouse and rat models, requires a high skill level in many scientific fields as well as a technological platform able to supply high quality animals on time and at reasonable cost.

Rodents in contract breeding are bred according to our quality criteria and with due regard to our ethics policy which preserves natural and maternal behavior and increases zootechnical performances.

  • We assure SOPF and SPF status of your rodents.
  • Health monitoring is performed by independent laboratories, signifying the neutrality and objectivity of the results.
  • Our genotyping process allows to obtain rapid, standardized and reliable results.
  • Animals are delivered by our own in-house transport department.


All stages are managed by a unique and dedicated project manager in order to ensure the full respect of your needs and your requirements.

  • Species: mice and rats
  • Average time of the service: depending on your goals
  • Prerequisite: biological material (animals or sperm or embryos) of your genetically altered strain(s)
  • Health status: SOPF or SPF
  • Delivery: shipment of mice or rats (SOPF or SPF) according to your needs (quantity, sex, genotypes, frequency to be determined). It is also possible to deliver biological material (biological products, organs …) from your animals – in-house transport department.
  • Contract breeding software: (access 24/24 7/7)
  • Project management: unique and dedicated project manager (PhD in molecular biology/genetics) from the beginning to the end of the project

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