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Humanized models

The reference models for immunotherapeutics development

Accelerate your development program
with a humanized model

The rise of research to develop treatments in oncology, immunology and infectious diseases is leading to a rapid
increase in the demand for humanized mouse models. JANVIER LABS has developed the NXG-HIS mouse, a strain that
completes our range of fully characterized immunodeficient models, providing a predictive preclinical model, in
particular for the evaluation of immunotherapies.

The NXG-HIS mouse is a mouse model with a human immune system, here by treatment with Busulfan and
engraftment of human CD34 cells. This model is particularly relevant for preclinical studies, especially for the evaluation
of a multitude human molecules and innovative therapeutic targets.

Our humanized models

NXG, a perfect model for the humanization
of the immune system

The NXG original model for the creation of the NXG-HIS is a genetically modified strain (GEMM) obtained by
homologous recombination (IL2rg), in NOD fund and presenting the SCID mutation of interest.
The NXG mouse is a JANVIER LABS proprietary model, free to use and genetically characterized (its severe
immunodeficiency makes it a perfect model for the humanization of its immune system).

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