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Our teams

The assets of JANVIER LABS are above all those of its team. The commitment, versatility and professional and cultural diversity of its workforce have made JANVIER LABS into a pioneering, international, high-performance business that is constantly growing.

About 300 people serving our customers around the world

Since it was set up, JANVIER LABS has been constantly changing. Teams are expanding and are constantly being enriched with new skills, personalities and nationalities. More than six languages are spoken in the company to welcome and advise our international customers.

A strong corporate culture

Our employees all share a common concern and a common culture: satisfying our customers, stakeholders in Biomedical Research. This is achieved by responsiveness and flexibility on the part of each person at all levels in the company.

Recognised professionalism

The professionalism of our teams is recognised and appreciated and we constantly maintain their standard of performance by refining their skills through training.
Whether they are animal handlers, specialists in genetics, veterinary surgeons, sales and administrative personnel, delivery drivers, etc., all the employees at JANVIER LABS are talented individuals who work together to build their company’s future

People at the centre of our growth

As a result of our career and skills management policy and by applying our fundamental principles of ethics and professional conduct in our relationships, our teams demonstrate a degree of motivation and commitment which is appreciated by our customers.
It is largely due to the quality of these human relationships – both internally and towards its customers – that JANVIER LABS has been growing successfully for more about 60 years, convinced that the human factor is key to growth.

Professional equality policy

JANVIER LABS is committed to a workplace diversity policy based on the promotion of all professional talents. As a result of this commitment, our company scores 94/100 for the gender equality index.

Score obtained for each indicator comprising the gender equality index:

  • Gender wage gap: 39/40
  • Gap in individual salary increases between women and men: 20/20
  • Gap in promotion rates: 15/15
  • Percentage of female employees receiving salary increases in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees with the highest earnings: 5/10

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