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Pathological models


Species and characteristics of the models:
according to the model.

JANVIER LABS’s pathological models allow you to recreate hypothetical and described mechanisms in human and animal disease. They were developed based on current scientific knowledge and they are subject to regular monitoring allowing them to respond to ever-changing research findings.

JANVIER LABS has developed models for the study of obesity and diabetes; DIO protocols (Diet Induced Obesity, type II diabetes), possibility of inducing type I and II diabetes by destroying pancreatic islets with streptozotocin, a protocol of arthritis by injection of Freund’s adjuvant, a surgical model of renal insufficiency (5/6 nephrectomy or unilateral nephrectomy).

Other surgical models include: adrenalectomy, thyroidectomy, ovariectomy on old breeding female.
JANVIER LABS also has pristanized animals for ascites and antibody production

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