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The range called 360° Immuno-oncology models : a comprehensive range of immunodeficient models

Our immunodeficient models at the heart of your research focus in immune-oncology

Immunodeficient mouse and rat: benefits and fields of application

The JANVIER LABS research models have different levels of immunodeficiency so that each of your studies benefits from a model with unique immune characteristics. They make it possible to cover many study themes such as:

picto virus

Infectious diseases

picto circuit

Understanding the immune system and its mechanisms

picto vaccin

Development of new vaccines and immunotherapy products

picto union

Tissue grafts including tumors

picto coeur

Development and optimization of anti-cancer immunotherapies

picto imagerie

Development of new imaging methods

picto agents

Understanding the agents responsible for inflammation

Immunodeficient mice

Immunodeficient rats

Others models

Discover all our immunodeficient models

Janvier Labs supports you for your research in immunology and oncology

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Janvier Labs provides a comprehensive range of all the available models. Make your research easier and save time to make your choice.

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Have your model created by our experts. We are working with the Center of Immunophenomics in Marseille to give access to a comprehensive and integrated offering, with options for characterization, cryopreservation and breeding to meet your requirements.

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More information about our immunodeficient models

Do I need a licence or a MTA for using the immunodeficient or humanized mice at Janvier Labs?

Research models created and offered by Janvier Labs are in free access to support your research and development projects, whatever the level of immunodeficiency or humanization.

Which technic was used by Janvier Labs to create the immunodeficient models?

Our immunodeficient models (including the NXG and the NXG-His) were created using the homologous recombination, so that we can ensure the nature and stability of the genetic mutations.

Is the NXG-HIS humanized immunodeficient model available? If yes, what the conditions to get access to the model?

Our NXG-HIS humanized immunodeficient mouse models are available and are delivered by our dedicated carriers directly to your animal facilities or laboratories with the SOPF status. The quality control is carried out to guarantee that our models present a level of human CD45 in the blood higher than 45%.

About your immunodeficient models : are they available on different background types?

Yes, we have developed a set of immunodeficient models on several genetic backgrounds in order to allow continuity in your research and development projects. Thus, our dedicated range of 360° immunodeficient models has been associated with natural genetic mutations such as NUDE, SCID and ATHYMIC.

Janvier Labs, committed to research for more than 60 years

JANVIER LABS provides immunodeficient models with the highest level of requirements. With the support of our teams of experts and our unique site in Europe, at the cutting edge of innovation, we ensure rigorous breeding conditions and a high level of scientific expertise to guarantee the success of your research.

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Immuno-phenotyping by Centre Immunophenomique (Ciphe) in Marseille

We work with recognized experts in immunology for a comprehensive characterization of our models

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SOPF health quality

Our robust health policy ensures the highest health standards for your models

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Controlled microbiota

All our models have the same microbiota that is analyzed, monitored and stable over time

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Genetic stability

JANVIER LABS GENETIC POLICY® allows to ensure the genetic homogeneity of all the strains

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Scientific support

A team of experts to assist you in the choice of the relevant models and to advice all along your research projects

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Our 100% in-house transport department ensures the welfare of your models and a delivery flexibility

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