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Aged C57BL/6JRj Mouse

Model characteristics


Inbred mouse

Strain name:



CSAL (Orleans) - 1993 (F172)

Colour and related genotype:

Black mouse, a (a/a)non agouti - MHC: Haplotype H2b


Good breeder but quite difficult to rear (sensitive to the environment). Cannibalism with its pups.

In vivo
In vitro

Description of our model and application areas

This strain was created by C.C. LITTLE, in 1921, from Miss Abbie LATHROP’s stock. The Jackson Laboratory’s colony was divided in two sub-strains before 1937, resulting in the C57BL/6 and the C57BL/10 strains. The C57BL/6 strain was brought to The Jackson Laboratory in 1948 (C57BL/6J).

C57BL/6JRj show age-related hearing loss and are resistant to audiogenic seizures. This hearing loss is related to the presence of allele Cdh23ahl (Cadherin 23 age-related hearing loss). It’s a recessive mutation of the Cdh23 gene (chromosome 10) that results in progressive hearing loss starting at 10 months of age. This strain is sensitive to Diet-Induced Type II diabetes and atherosclerosis.

C57BL/6JRj are active and relatively aggressive but easy to manipulate and have a long life expectancy (2 years). They have a low incidence of tumours which make it a prime model for ageing

JANVIER LABS’s aged C57BL/6JRj mice are males selected at weaning and kept solely for ageing. They are kept in their original barrier rooms until 24 months of age in a controlled environment and health status.

Main application and research fields

Cardiovascular diseases Degenerative diseases, ageeing ENT Immunology Infectious diseases Metabolic disorders Neurosciences Oncology Physiology - Physiopathology Preclinical

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