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Historical overview

JANVIER LABS: more than 60 years at the service of Research

JANVIER LABS is an independent family-owned business established in 1960 by Roger Janvier. When the business was started, the total production area was 100 sqm. 60 years later the company - which now extends over 8 hectares - has become an international company that is among the world leaders in the production of laboratory rodents and associated services.

In 1960, Roger Janvier, at the time an engineer, read an article in the press warning researchers about the risks of using laboratory rodents reared by amateur breeders. It was then that he had the idea of founding a professional breeding facility in order to provide French research with reliable animals.
60 years later, the company has become international, whilst remaining faithful to the values of its founder.

With an on-going commitment to guaranteeing first-rate quality in terms of both health and genetics of its laboratory animals, JANVIER LABS is proud to have been the first French business to obtain ISO 9001 certification for all areas of its work back in 2000.

With a flourishing position throughout Europe as well as across the Atlantic, JANVIER LABS boasts Europe’s largest and most modern rodent breeding facility and the most qualified transgenic service specialists. A result to be proud of for this completely independent family business run by Eliane Janvier, daughter of the founder.

Our key date

  • 1960 – Breeding center founded by Mr Roger Janvier. A first building of 100 sqm

  • 1972 – Construction of a building with a new concept ensuring health security (ventilation, presence of an electric generator), Staff: 20 people

  • 1980 – Mrs Eliane Janvier joined the company

  • 1988 – Start of export to Belgium and Spain. Production area: 2,100 sqm

  • 1990 – CERJ became JANVIER

  • 1990 – New building on a securisation concept with more adapted materials, production area: 3,500 sqm, Staff: 30 people, Start of export to Germany.

  • 1996 – Dr. Robert Leblanc joined the company

  • 1997 – Eliane Janvier is appointed as Chairwoman

  • 2001 -Construction of a new building ensuring a bio-security and technique restauration of the site, Production area: 6,250 sqm, Staff: 100 people.

  • 2006 – Extension of the site. Production area: 9,511 sqm. Staff: 185 people.

  • 2010 – Signature of an exclusive distribution agreement with The Jackson Laboratory for the Jax® Sperm Cryo Kit and related services. Staff: 220 people.

  • 2013 – JANVIER became JANVIER LABS

  • 2016 – New head office at Le Genest-Saint-Isle (53)

  • 2017 – Our site became the largest and most advanced rodent breeding site in Europe further to the development of a new concept of production building. Sophie Janvier and Thomas Janvier joined the company.

Our key dates

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