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Embryo kits


An Embryo Kit contains straws of frozen embryos at a specific preimplantation stage from strains in the JANVIER LABS catalog. These kits can be useful for any studies or manipulations requiring the use of preimplantation stage embryos.

Our kits also enable you to do away with the embryo production stages in your animal facilities: saving time, freeing up space, standardizing your processes (quantity and quality control), reducing the number of animals used, increasing flexibility.

With your first delivery, you’ll receive a thawing kit including all the equipment you need to use it, as well as a complete user manual and videos.

JANVIER LABS added value:

  • Embryos obtained by natural mating and monogamy after superovulation.
  • Hormone injections as well as collection and cryopreservation are carried out within a very limited timeframe to guarantee perfect homogeneity of embryo development stage.
  • Embryos are cryopreserved by vitrification.
  • IN VITRO quality controls are systematically carried out by culturing a flake from each batch for 24 hours.
  • High-performance cryostorage is maintained until delivery to your laboratories.

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