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Excision and ligation surgery


Species and characteristics of the models:
All species from 4 weeks of age on.
For younger animals, please contact us.

Excision surgery involves complete or partial removal of an organ.
This technique allows the study of the influence of an organ on the physiology of healthy animals or in a diseased animal. Excision surgery is also a method for inducing a disease model such as the 5/6 nephrectomy model of renal failure in rats.

The ligation aims to block a biological flow both in the circulatory system (ligation of a vein, for example) and from organ to organ (ligation of the ureter for example). Ligation is primarily used for the induction of disease models or for the control of reproduction.

Excision surgery
• Ovariectomy
• Ovario-hysterectomy
• Splenectomy
• Vasectomy
• Castration
• 70% hepatectomy
• Nephrectomy (unilateral or 5/6)
• Adrenalectomy

Ligation surgery
• Tubal ligation
• Ureter ligation
• For other types of ligation, please contact us

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