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B6 DIO mouse

Metabolic model

Model characteristics


Inbred mouse

Strain name:



CSAL Orléans, 1993

Couleur et Génotype associée :

Performance de reproduction :

Description of our model and application areas

Get instant access to our diet-induced obese (DIO) mouse, fed a 60% high fat diet, the most widely used nutritional model of human obesity associated with hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.
The DIO mice also show a moderate hyperglycemia and a strong glucose intolerance.
This human-like nutritional model enables investigating the molecular mechanisms of obesity and evaluating therapeutic strategies:
• obesity
• insulin resistance
• alteration of immuno-metabolism.

Main application and research fields

Infectious diseases Metabolic disorders

Our model advantages

  • Our DIO mouse replicates the human context with diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance
  • Large cohorts of mice per delivery
  • SOPF mice with homogenous genetic background delivered by our own animals transportation service
  • Benefit from our experts’ scientific support to discuss about your project and optimize your research experiments and preclinical drugdevelopment

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