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FISCHER nude rat

Immunodeficient rat for immunology and oncology researc

Model characteristics


Mutant rat

Strain name:



Developed in JANVIER Labs in 2018

Colour and related genotype:

Homozygote on rnu gene. Coat color Albino

Performance de reproduction :

Description of our model and application areas

The FISCHER Nude rat is a rat with a naturally occurring genetic mutation that causes an absent and non-functional thymus, this character is accompanied by a deficient immune system due to the reduced number of T cells lymphocytes produced. Homozygous rats for this spontaneous mutation also have abnormal hair growth. Pups start with hair follicles of normal appearance, but quickly their growth proves to be defective, this results in a naked skin or on which remains a fine down.
The gene responsible for the mutation has been categorized as a member of the Fox gene family and the recommended nomenclature for rats is Foxn1rnu.

The FISCHER Nude rat in JANVIER Labs was obtained by crossing the LOU Nude rat strains (LOU/MRj-Foxn1rnu/rnu) and FISCHER strain (F344/HanZtmRj) followed by 10 back crosses with the FISCHER strain to fix the genetic background. This new strain is raised in inbred mode.

The FISCHER nude rat is useful in experiments requiring the grafting of tissues of rat origin (autologous grafts) or of human origin (heterologous xenografts).

Homozygous females are discarded as breeders. Due to its lack of thymus, immune depression in T lymphocytes cells, FISCHER nude rats are suggested to be used in oncology studies mainly.

Main application and research fields

Main application and research fields

Immunology Oncology Physiology - Physiopathology Preclinical Transgenesis

Comparative of immunodeficiency and phenotype in Nude mutants

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