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Model characteristics


Inbred rat

Strain name:



CSAL (Orleans, from Microbiological Associates Inc. Dept. of Laboratory Animals - 1969) - 1987 (F38)

Colour and related genotype:

Brown rat - a/a, C/C - MHC: RT1n Erythrocyte antigens: RT2a,RT3b, RT8b - Lymphocyte antigens: RT6b


High rate of sterility, difficult to rear

In vivo
In vitro

Description of our model and application areas

This strain was created by BILLINGHAM and SILVERS in 1958, from a brown mutation maintained by D.H. KING and P. APTEKMAN in a pen-bred colony (BILLINGHAM and SILVERS, 1959), probably from wild-caught rats (RUSSEL-LINDSAY, 1979).

90 % have a life expectancy greater than 25 months, 50 % of them reach 32 to 35 months.

BROWN NORWAY rats have high rates of spontaneous bladder carcinoma (28-35 % in males, 2-3 % in females) and ureter carcinoma (6-9 % in males and 20-22 % in females). Other common tumours in males are pancreas islet adenoma (15 %), pituitary adenoma (14 %), lymphoreticular sarcoma (14 %) and in the females, pituitary adenoma (26 %), adrenal cortical adenoma (19 %), vaginal sarcoma (19 %), mammary gland fibro-adenoma (11 %). Also described is the females’ risk of cancer and metastasis increasing with age.
Another characteristic of the BROWN NORWAY strain is its important rate of endocardial disease in older animals.

Important notice: JANVIER LABS BROWN NORWAY rats have a retinal dystrophy caused by progressive loss of photoreceptors. Histology reveals that rods and cones disappear and a dysplasia of the outer nuclear layer with sectorial hyperplasia/hypernuclearity up to the retinal pigment epithelium. This peculiar aspect of the retina is similar to the one seen in some types of canine retinal dysplasia, in which the retina forms folds with round clumps (these are nevertheless absent in rats).

Main application and research fields

Degenerative diseases, ageeing Immunology Metabolic disorders

Useful documents

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Health monitoring report

Biochemical and hematological parameters

of 10-week old BROWN NORWAY BN/OrlRj rats

Reproductive data

Bigamous mating

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